Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review: An Insiders Look

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review: An Insiders Look

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

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Do you need a deeper understanding of the Amazing Selling Machine 11? Undoubtedly, the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) does cost a ton of money. It is only right you understand the ins and out of the training before splashing your cash. In this in-depth Amazing Selling Machine review, we explore everything there is to know about the ASM.

In the recent past, Warren Buffet made a considerable investment in Amazon, which was and still is huge news. Despite being one of the most prolific investors in our times, he notoriously avoids investing in tech stocks.

So, why did he turn around and invest in Amazon? Simple. The company keeps growing at tremendous rates. Importantly, the growth trend will only continue in the future.

Just explore your locality. Brick and mortar stores are going out of business. More and more people are trusting Amazon to deliver the goods they need. As such, selling items on Amazon is a huge opportunity, and many people do not know it or take advantage of it.

That is the main reason Jason Katzenback and Matt Clack created the Amazing Selling Machine, better known as the ASM or just Amazing. The program was launched to market way back in 2012 and has been constantly updated and improved to its current edition – the 11th edition. This Amazing Selling Machine review

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The ASM is a complete step-by-step program that guides you through the steps of starting, running, growing, and scaling a business that can leverage the power and advantage of Amazon, the World’s largest online business.

The most important thing about starting an Amazon Business is that there are numerous opportunities to make money online by selling on products you have never thought on the Amazon platform. Trashcans, pencils, swimming pool supplies, dolls, there is no limit.

The training helps you overcome the hardest part of the business – discovering the best products to sell (which products sell, which ones don’t), and which products you should focus on. You should consider aspects such as price points, the completion landscape (how many competitors sell that particular product or similar products), and the weight of the product. Lighter products tend to have lower shipping costs that will inadvertently eat into your profits.

The Amazing Selling Machine covers THESE and More. The training reduces a lot if not all of the guessing that is associated with starting an Amazon Business.

For the most part, ASM participants opt to sell their products on Amazon on a Private Label basis. As such, they source their products, create brands, and sell branded products on Amazon.

How Does ASM Work?

Amazing Selling Machine 11 has been designed as a comprehensive guide on how to effectively sell items on the biggest platform, Amazon.

The program covers aspects of how to effectively sell on Amazon as well as showing you how to create a profitable brand that you can sell when you want for tidy multiples.

Here’s how Amazing Selling Machine 11 works:

amazing selling machine review

To be successful in Amazon FBA, you ought to keep the prices of your products down. However, it is not just about purchasing the cheapest product you can get your hands on. The best approach is to target the right type of niche with the right kind of items.

ASM 11 training program will guide you through niche selection, product selection, and, crucially, supplier selection with thorough and in-depth lessons.

After you identify and choose a specific niche and type of product to pursue, ASM 11 will teach you how to reach out to the best Chinese manufacturers and how to get product samples.

When you settle on a particular manufacturer and a specific type of product, you can order the products in large quantities and resell them on Amazon.

That said, you need to conduct extensive research about your niche before signing a contract with the manufacturer and purchasing bulk quantities. In many cases, buying items from manufacturers can cost thousands of dollars. As such, it is essential to ensure you buy things you can successfully sell.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 has guides on all of this. Do not worry about it if you do not have the knowledge and experience in research niches and products.

After ordering your products, they will be shipped to Fulfilment by Amazon centers for sale and distribution. From there, Amazon will store your inventory, sell the products, and ship it as well.

While it might seem easy, it is not straightforward. There is a lot of work that goes into making a successful venture of the Amazon FBA business.

What I Love About Amazing Selling Machine 2020

asm course

The most important thing I love about the course is the TON of knowledge I gained from the course. The presentation, format, and design of the course are well done, simple, and straightforward. I was able to go through the training in just 2 days of hard studying and learning.

However, the program is set up for students to complete one module per week. Importantly, it is designed to hold your hands throughout the learning process so that you know exactly what you should do at every stage of the learning process.

The guidance inherent in the program is useful for many learners. It is the first program I have seen do something like this successfully.

I also love the coaching calls participants get at the end of every module. Mike McClary and Rick Henderson answer all your questions that you and other members might have. This is an ingenious and effective way for you to recap the module. It helps you pick up the information you might have forgotten or missed while reinforcing the concepts you already know.

Another feature of the program that is helpful is the Amazing Selling Forum. The forum is active, with thousands of participants engaging in and contributing to the discussions. The forum forms that all-important support program and networking platform.

If you have any questions, you are always free to ask the Amazing Selling Machine mentors. The mentors are forum members who have experienced significant success in selling on Amazon, who were recruited by ASM to help newbies just starting.

Generally speaking, the ASM course does a fantastic job of educating the participants, no matter their experience level, helping them attain success on Amazon.

Things I Do Not Like about Amazing Selling Machine

Even with so many good things to rave about, there are some things I am not keen on. An excellent example of drawbacks is its cost.

The program costs nearly $5,000 to enroll. No matter how you look at it, that is a considerable amount of money that many people will not have lying around or be willing to fork out, especially if they are not sure whether it will work.

Additionally, numerous other alternative Amazon FBA programs cost way less. That said, ASM has a stellar track record of helping participants to create successful businesses that other programs do not have.

What Are The New Features In Amazing Selling Machine 11?

Amazing Selling Machine has been around for years now. However, the program proprietors have launched the new and improved ASM 11. The program has garnered a lot of hype, and for good reasons.

Throughout the history of ASM, its creators have updated and improved the course, staying abreast of the latest changes in the realm of Amazon. ASM 11 is, therefore, the latest and most significant update to the program. It is better and more useful than ever before.

Below are some of the things to expect from Amazing Selling Machine 2020:

amazing selling machine success

1. The ASM Success Promise

At its core, the company’s ASM Success Promise works as a money back guarantee. The only difference is that it goes above and beyond the typical 30-day limit that most money back guarantee policies carry.

If you enroll in the ASM 11 and you put in the work, and you are not satisfied with the success, the company will reimburse you for the course and for the inventory you have not sold up to $7500.

2. Advanced New Tools That Help You Sell More

When you enroll in ASM, you access the “Automation Suite,” which comes with the following:

Inventory tracking and alert systems that helps you be proactive in keeping your product in stock,

Keyword tracking to help you track your ranking among your competition,

Email automation that sends customized emails to your customers to encourage positive product reviews and for better customer service, and

Detailed traffic stats and conversion rate reports for your product sales as well as tracking the performance of your entire business.

3. Free Ultimate Product And Keyword Research Toolset

Enrolling to ASM 11 comes with free 90-day access to an industry-leading keyword tool that helps you grow faster.

4. Full Toolset Integration

ASM 11 comes with a set of powerful new tools that help you track your performance, including traffic, conversion rates, and your inventory. Crucially, the tools are integrated into your AMS 11 profile, making tracking straightforward and easy. You can access everything in one place.

5. Grab Exclusive Bonuses During The Launch Period

The creators of the Amazing Selling Machine launched Amazing Selling Machine 11 on December 2, 2019. During the launch period, the company will provide bonuses that you cannot miss.

Moreover, ASM opens its door to new participants. During every annual open application period, they also offer good bonuses.

As such, grab your spot now that ASM is open for enrollment, rather than waiting for a later date.

6. Access The LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Enrolling to ASM 11 during its launch will ensure you can access the live group coaching calls. There is one coaching call every week through the 8 modules of classes. After completing the 8 modules, you will have access to one coaching call per month.

7. Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program entails a group of highly successful ASM members who give back to other members by helping newer members. The group of mentors averages over $1.8 million in sales on Amazon in their projects.

The mentors are available to help you with your ASM Training Program or to answer your questions or help you with any other aspect of the Amazon business.

Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials and Success Stories

One of the biggest draws to the Amazing Selling Machine course is the staggering amount of success stories.

The program has attracted over 27,000 members from more than 120 countries. This is a testament to the program’s success. Moreover, there are hundreds of testimonials from participants whose lives have been positively changed by the ASM 11 program by launching their businesses.

Anica Kath

A good example is Anica Kath, once a hotel director. After having 2 children, she was forced to choose between her family and her career.

She chose her family, opting to be a stay home mom. While looking for ways to earn an income at home, she stumbled upon Amazon Selling Machine. Amazing gave her a chance to pursue a career selling on Amazon to take care of her family.

She is currently working on her own schedule, making more money than was possible in her previous career, and, at the same time, having time to raise her two kids.

Denys Thomson

Another good example is Denys Thomson. He is a former police officer who used to work 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. After years in the job, he was burned out.

He learned about Amazing Selling Machine from close friends and acquaintances who were enjoying success with the Amazing program. He realized he could join in and get his share of online success. So he quit his job to focus on establishing an Amazon business, right after completing the training.

Denys has since enjoyed more success and fulfillment than ever before. He is his own boss and works on the basis of his own schedule while making more money than he could have, all thanks to the step by step training he received from ASM.

Crucially, there are testimonies of success similar to Denys and Anica. Just explore the testimonials section.

Recent Amazing Selling Machine Success Stories

ASM participants post NEW success stories on the Forum every week.

There are new success stories that are also shared all the time with members via email, which I always love reading. It is only right that I share some of those stories here:

Here are a few from a few months ago:

DCorrea, ASM Member

This past weekend was the first time I reached the 5k per month mark. I’m very excited about this achievement, while I also appreciate the fact that this is a tiny step in the grand scheme of things in my business. As I write this, I’m in the process of reordering my second inventory. I have sold over 200 units and also received 9 five star reviews. I encourage newbies like me to keep momentum and work hard even on hard days. Do not stop!

chris55, ASM Member

I passed a huge milestone recently, and you keep seeing other participants passing new personal records every week:

Hi All,

It has been a little over a week since I ended my LBR. Sales figures are still strong, averaging 10/day with some profit. My keyword ranking and BSR appear to have stabilized as well. I got now have the 5k badge, and I made another inventory order.

Amazing Selling Machine Price

The price of Amazing Selling Machine 11 is $4,997. Alternatively, you can sign up for the 6-month financing plan. The plan costs $997 per month for six months.

While the price is steep, the program comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can, therefore, try the program for 30 days, and if you find the program not suitable for you, you can request a full refund.

What’s Inside: The Amazing Selling Machine Modules

The Welcome Module: ASM Business Process & Mindset

The welcome module is designed and optimized to help you succeed while following the course. In this module, you will learn about the right mindset to have. You will also be introduced to the features and benefits of the course.

Module #1: Creating Your Custom Product Opportunity List

asm course module 1

In this module, you will learn how to set up your Amazon seller account. You will also learn the characteristics of an excellent product to sell on Amazon and how to pick the right product to sell on Amazon.

Module #2: Suppliers, Samples, And Your Profit Numbers

This stage of the course teaches you about how to source your products from the US and China. You will also learn about how to request samples to evaluate the potential products better and decide whether you should attain the product or not.

Module #3: Creating Your Brand And Ordering Your Inventory

This module will teach you how to create a brand, starting by creating a great brand name. You will also learn about packaging design, and how to establish your brand and products on Amazon to start selling.

Module #4: Building Your Brand’s Assets

This module takes you over how to create your brand’s website and how to set up all the social media accounts and profiles before you start selling on Amazon.

Module #5: Perfect Product Pages

asm course module 5

A stellar Amazon FBA listing is crucial for the success of your product and your business as well. This module covers the 8 essential components you need to create the perfect product page.

Module #6: Perfect Product Launch

Once you list your product, the main goal is to get as much traffic to your brand’s listing as possible. In this module, you will learn the famous Amazon FBA Product Launch and Ranking strategy that will enable you to make the all-important first sale and accrue initial reviews.

Module #7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools

In this module, you will learn everything there is to learn about Amazon sponsored ads and how to get traffic. You learn how to create an excellent customer service system that will keep your customers happy and coming back.

Module #8: Taking Your Business And Taking It To The Next Level

In this particular module, you will learn about scaling your business on Amazon and, crucially, taking your business to the next level. The module covers aspects of how to build a team that will help you grow.

Private Resource Vault

The private resources vault is a section of the program that allows you to download all the PDFS related to each video lesson covered in the course. After watching a particular lesion, you might want to download and even print the associated PDF for reference as you try to implement the strategies you have learned.

Moreover, the private resources vault also has other downloads relevant to the lessons. For instance, you may find the various templates mentioned in the lessons.

In the vault, you will also find Resources Links. These are links that take you to the best tools and services that the ASM team and members use in their businesses. While there are some excellent tools, I was not entirely impressed by all the tools. It seems that some of the companies are only mentioned because they offer special deals for ASM members.

Is ASM Worth It?

With a $5,000 price tag, naturally, a lot of people will hesitate before buying the Amazing Selling Machine course.

$5,000 is a lot of money. The critical question is, is the money well spent. If you ask the thousands of Amazing participants who have enjoyed immense success from the program, they will unequivocally say it is money well spent.

I do not like paying more than $1,000 for a course. However, in this case, all I can say is that the price of the course reflects its value. You will receive high-quality training from experts. You will get to network with successful ASM mentors who will guide you to success.

Moreover, you have the 30-day money-back program as your backstop. You can take a look at the course risk-free to see whether you want to continue pursuing it or not.

That said, I’m sure once you are inside the program and you get to interact with other members, you will understand the value of the program and why many new entrants do not cancel their membership after 30 days.

A Look At Jason And Matt: The Proprietors of The ASM Course

The Amazing Selling Machine was developed and honed by 2 Jason Katenback and Matt Clark, two regular blocks.

Jason Katzenback is a founder of, and he has helped over 30,000 students build very successful businesses. He started his own business back in 2003 after his boss decided to cut bonuses.

In 2011, he launched his own company in 2011 when he met Matt Clark, a successful vendor selling on Amazon at the time.

Understanding the growth potential on Amazon, they focused on growing their businesses. Matt taught Jason how to run a successful Amazon business, accruing tremendous success early on. It is at this point they decided to launch their first course – The Amazing Academy, with evolved to Amazing Selling Machine. This course has become a #1 best seller in the Amazon FBA training niche.

Amazing Selling Machine Review: Should You Buy It?

The Amazing Selling Machine is not perfect. But, no course is.

The core module could be a tad more engaging. Moreover, a lot of people are not willing to spend the enormous cost of enrollment.

However, the overall level of detail regarding the strategies and tactics to use to accrue success is extensive.

Importantly, the program covers strategies that work right now on Amazon.

The Amazing Selling Machine is a refined course that guides you on how to create your own e-commerce venture from the start. As such, I gladly recommend Amazing as the quality of the knowledge you learn will enable you to accrue success with an online business.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Amazing Selling Machine review 2020 edition, click the link below to find out more.


Clickfunnels Review [2020]

Clickfunnels Review [2020]

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

Everything you need to learn online marketing and execute campaigns. Blown my expectations.

Daniel G
Ease of Use


Are you hoping to find an HONEST Clickfunnels Review? Clickfunnels is hyped a LOT. But then, how will it help make you money?

Are you wondering if Clickfunnels is the right software for you? Well, you are in luck because you will find out all you need to know here!

Be it your own business or an online business, or you are into affiliate marketing – the Clickfunnels software essentially makes your life very easy.

With its drag and drop feature, the landing page builder has made it easier than ever to create great pages.

Other landing page builder like Katra recently released have shown that Clickfunnels is worth its costs.

It can be very frustrating to look through product ratings, review, compare products, wasting precious time before finally deciding to make a purchase only to discover that it’s not exactly what you thought it would be.

I have taken time to make a detailed and truthful Clickfunnels review to intimate you with everything you should know in picking which is best for you – because the truth is Clickfunnels is not designed for everyone!

Even with recent and cheaper competition, Clickfunnels is still one of the best sales funnel solutions available.

* I’m an affiliate marketer of Clickfunnels, which means I will be given a commission if you buy via my affiliate link.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Russel Brunson, alongside his team, developed ClickFunnels quite a few years ago. Of all landing page builders, clickfunnels was one of the first to create the drag and drop attribute that makes it easy and simple to create sales funnels.

People used Leadpages and other software or sometimes designed sales pages by themselves using HTML before the invention of clickfunnels.

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

Clickfunnels helps you develop landing pages, downsells and upsells, sales funnels, and membership sites with ease.

ClickFunnels also comes with Stripe, Paypal, and other payment merchants. It makes Clicks funnel an accessible service for small business owners and online marketers. The software makes it very easy to accept online payments.

For example, if you work as a fitness coach and people engage you in a personal consultation, or you even offer online courses, you can direct web traffic with Clickfunnels to your page getting customers to join your social media or email list.

The moment your leads have joined, they would be allowed to choose to purchase the course or have access to your free e-books. If they make the purchase, an extra page will pop up to redirect them for a special training session with you. You can do all this directly with Clickfunnels without necessarily having to host a domain or pay for any special software of any kind.

Clickfunnels also has its software for analytics with which you can monitor your page and how well it is doing. Also, you can run A/B tests many times on your sales page with ease. These tests will help you optimize your sales pages to have the best in terms of leads and sales.

Sales Funnel – What is it?

Before reading this review, you should understand sales funnels, its advantages, and how it generates maximum profit.

Sales funnels are created to get potential client email or social media contact. The process is quite similar to getting a girl’s number or social media contact. That would be a step towards a relationship…

However, having someone’s email address doesn’t always result in sales, just like it doesn’t imply anything from the girl – but then, chances to make sales for you and your company are increased!

As soon as you obtain the email, you can proceed into relating with your potential customer where you can keep them up to date on your new products and services.

See it as a good book or movie. Your aim here is to become emotionally connected with your customers while you gradually gain their confidence and trust in your business. The moment you have their belief, they can make purchase decisions with ease.

Afterward, the sales funnel requires that you send the prospective customer to your page dedicated to sales. This sales page should stand out and should be specially designed in such a way that people are very eager to make purchases.

sales funnel meaning

Usually, useful pages will have headlines that are very catchy and talk about your products and services, followed by very engaging images and videos, also bullet points which will give a short information on the benefits of such a purchase. All these work hand-in-hand to keep the visitor intrigued and eager to buy your product.

The moment your customer enters their card details and makes a purchase is not the end. Instead, it starts a journey where you lead them through additional One Time Offers (OTOs) or special single offers, and other types of promotions.

The idea here is to help each customer maximize profit.

For instance, assuming your company gets a conversion of about 10% for every visit to the sales funnel. Considering each item worth $10 /pop, totaling a $5 profit. Therefore, for 100 visitors, with an average of 10sales, you get a whopping $50 profit.

Now imagine if the conversion rate was 30%, for an extra $10 item, while an additional 10% decide to register for the annual $500 package?

You might not believe your eyes after doing the maths…

For every 100 visitors visiting your sales page, you sell ten products, three new products, and an annual package. The result is a $600 profit, which is an increased profit of about 1,200% for your business.

This increased margin in profit will give you enough leverage to spend more than your business competition on advertisements, which will further raise the numbers of your potential customers.

There are so many options for sales funnel to choose from. You must develop one that suits your business model. That can be very daring, challenging, and tasking. However, with Clickfunnels, you can implement it with ease.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

ClickFunnels has a lot of advantages and features that give it an edge over others.

Starting with what is the most significant of them all—ClickFunnels works just fine, doing precisely what it is meant to do. The software builds sales funnels completely for its users, helping them drive both buyers and leads to the sales funnels sequel to completion.

Also, users can process payments. It also gives a very adaptable page builder with which users can create personalized pages. It provides room for promotions, featuring an autoresponder and an affiliate tool for management, and many more.

And that is not all.

The landing page software lets you build your sales funnel pages as fast as possible and with ease. Clickfunnels also comes with the option of email marketing.

It helps you smoothly synchronize sales pages using a follow-up email without needing e-mail software like Mailchimp and Weber. With this done on your behalf, you can have more of your free time and focus on critical stuff like business growth!

ClickFunnels gives room for A/B testing on every page within the funnel. You can as well create membership funnels with the use of ClickFunnels.

After you register the leads, they will gain exclusive access to membership rights of your service previously developed and maintained by you.

That’s not all; one of the very many exciting features of ClickFunnels is that it is integrated with Stripe and PayPal. You would receive payment for membership sites and/or products and services which you give to people.

clickfunnels templates

What is the meaning of all these?

You can build your entire business using Clickfunnels! You won’t need multiple websites or pay extra for hosting a domain – because Clickfunnels is all-inclusive.

The software also comes with features that allow you to recruit, manage, and pay to affiliates. You will also have exclusive control over all the metrics and analytics you need for your funnel’s review in terms of campaigns, performance, conversions, and sales, as well as the results of A/B tests.

The main objective of Clickfunnels is using the software to ensure maximum spending of every customer who engages in your product or services, transforming them into possible big spenders.

Things to Like

Beautiful Blueprints

Clickfunnels is inbuilt with a menu of a detailed database of gorgeous, already made templates. These templates are straightforward to re-use and can be set up in minutes. The list of pre-made funnel type template you can pick from include webinar funnels, membership funnels, etc.

Clickfunnels also comes with a marketplace where anyone can buy or sell for free or receive payment in exchange for templates. You don’t need to worry because, for many people, purchasing a template isn’t necessary, and on the plus side, there are a whole lot of built-in free templates.

clickfunnels drag and drop1

Drag and Drop Editing Feature

People who have used other sales page software at one time before now will understand and appreciate Clickfunnels and its easy drag and drop editing feature. In the past, when you make minor tweaks, you have to continually relaunch the page to be sure those changes made look just the way you need them to.

With Clickfunnels, any change made will appear the same way whenever the page is launched. You save yourself time and escape a lot of unwarranted frustration.

A Whole Lot of Features From Which You Can Choose

Elements, or widgets as some call it, are like cogs in wheels of your sales funnel as they allow you customize your page.

This powerful feature categorizes Clickfunnels on its level, since Clickfunnels comes stocked to the brim with a lot of useful widgets that you will not find on other landing page applications at the moment.

Elements like Pricing tables, SMS registration, Videos, Surveys, Social media plugin like Facebook Comments, Progress bars, Countdown Timers with FAQ blocks, and also Custom HTML will help you improve conversions, and in the end, could result in added profit for you.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

One of the beautiful pros of Clickfunnels is the jaw-dropping affiliate program and also the Dream Car program. The registration for the program is straightforward, and you earn high commissions for everyone you refer to.

The affiliate program gives you a 40% commission on every person that registers using your link add to the fact that the program is a “sticky cookie.” If someone clicks on their phones, and then buy the software on their PC, you will still get your commission.

clickfunnels affiliate marketing

Unlike most affiliate programs, for instance, Amazon, this sticky cookie has no expiration. The implication is that you will continue to receive commissions from your referrals after their first purchase as long as they continue to pay.

Clickfunnels also has loads of upsells. You could practically make a lot more cash asides your revenue monthly. The good news here is, Russell Brunson is a genius of funnels, which guarantees that people that purchase Clickfunnels will definitely buy other related products.

One fantastic feature of the program is also the Sharefunnel. The share funnel allows you to give out funnels that you make with other people.

Imagine you made beautiful funnels for a real estate agent. You can as well share the funnel with as many agents as you wish for free.

Assuming they appreciate your work and they purchase Clickfunnels, that means you will receive a commission on the purchase.

June 2019 Update: Recently, Russell Brunson announced some improvements to the program. Clickfunnels, as of now, will give you commission for re-marketing campaigns.

If a person clicks your link, Clickfunnels will spend money on adverts to attract the person to buy Clickfunnels.

In my opinion, this strategy makes the affiliate program ten times more valuable. It also makes promoting them as easy as can be. Building your own experience and watching your learning curve grow through the training process.

The fantastic onboard training process

Clickfunnels is not rocket science; it’s very easy to understand; however, if you are like me, training to use a new software might be a bit frustrating…

ClickFunnels makes it very simple to understand the software with its on-boarding 7-day training challenge. The challenge is a sort of training on using the software, making it as fun as possible. If you continue the challenge until the end, you would know everything there is to know about Clickfunnels. Watch your learning curve grow as you proceed through the training process.

Complaints About ClickFunnels

Bad Part #1: Adding a funnel can be slow

Choosing a template or a funnel type to add to your account takes about 10 seconds averagely all the time. It might not seem like a big deal right now, but then, it could be annoying if you are in a hurry.

Bad Part #2: Visitor Limit

The base plan suite on ClickFunnels limits you to only 20,000 visitors, 100pages, and 20 funnels per month. Which looks very small at first glance.

However, when you think it through, if you get 20,000 visitors in one month, you would have enough money to upgrade to the unlimited funnels plan. However, if you have the cash, you can beat these limitations by opting straight for the etison suite that comes with unlimited funnels.

Bad Part #3: Pricing

ClickFunnels has a plethora of functions and features to its name, although it could be a bit expensive. Click funnels cost $97 per month, which is a whole lot of cash for startups, irrespective of how you look at it.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost? [Updated]

ClickFunnels’ most affordable plan costs less than a hundred dollars per month($97). You will have access to all the tools you can use to create funnels, although with limits as stated earlier ( 20,000 visitors, 100 pages, and 20 funnels).

To know more about deals on Clickfunnels pricing, check out the Clickfunnels Pricing page

Even though I understand the use of Actionetics, which is an inclusive email service. On a personal basis, I have not tried to use Actionetics. Actionetics added to Backpack, is an affiliate that creates the program.

If you had to select the two; Actionetics and Backpack, you would be paying $297 per month to use the Etison Suite. The etison suite offers all the action like unlimited visitors, pages, and funnels.

I’m not sure if any ClickFunnels coupon codes exist for discounts. However, you will receive a 16% discount if you are opt-in for a yearly payment on the etison suite. By my calculations, using the etison suite amounts to paying to use the software for ten months only, while the rest of the two months is for free.

You can try out Clickfunnels risk-free by registering for a free trialThere is an ongoing deal that lets you check out Clickfunnels 30 days for freeIf you plan to check Clickfunnels out, the time is now because the offer won’t last for long. However, if you don’t make it on time for the 30-day free trial, you can always opt-in for the 14-day free trial.

Clickfunnels and Competition

You would agree, different things appeal to different people, the same way ClickFunnels has other alternatives available like SamCart and LeadPages. If you care to know, Clickfunnels stands out in the following ways:

LeadPages vs. Clickfunnels

Before now, LeadPages was a leader in the market in terms of building sales pages, but recently Clickfunnels has taken the lead. Leadpages has a very limited scope compared to ClickFunnels.

One can decide to build a very stylish and attractive sales pages to help collect leads and source new customers with leadpages. However, it won’t do much when it comes to the sales of a product or service.  The strength of LeadPages is in the generation of leads (as you would see from the name ), when it comes to sales and funnels, however, leave that to ClickFunnel.

On the other hand, Leadpages is cheaper per month, so if what you seek is a less costly option compared to Clickfunnels then, Leadpages should be your best bet.

SamCart vs. Clickfunnels

Speaking of SamCart, the product allows you to produce checkout sales pages that look good, thereby increasing your rate of conversion. So, how does it differ from ClickFunnels?

The difference is simple: SamCart is designed for straight sales and easy setup. It offers support for Paypal and Stripe with added 17 different page templates that you can customize to your taste. However, Samcart does not have the kind of flexibility and ability that ClickFunnel and its drag and drop editor feature gives you. That is to say, ClickFunnels can design almost any type of sales page you want.

It would not be nice to be restricted by Samcart and its primary personalizations and its already made templates. Asides that, you will discover Samcart might not be able to capture lead source and to develop sales funnels to completion.

If you consider that ClickFunnels and Samcart both cost $97 per month, the cutting edge for ClickFunnels will be its flexibility, which also gives it a higher rating.

Other Competitors

One thing about the Clickfunnels software is the fact that it has challenged the competition. As of now, a lot of alternatives exist like Builderall and Karta.

Is Clickfunnels Software Worth Your Money?

If you are here to compare ClickFunnels and LeadPages or SamCart and Clicksfunnel, by now, you should be equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

You would agree that SamCart and Leadpages are useful tools with their strong points. However, we have discovered ClickFunnels is the very best comprehensive tool for your business. You can try the 14-day free trial and see for yourself.

Clickfunnels Review Final Thoughts:

To sum it up, we give Clickfunnels a 9 out of 10 ratings compared with the other existing options.

We believe our ClickFunnels review has helped you determine the service that you think is right! Whichever one you choose, ensure it improves sales as fast as possible! The good news is that you can opt-in for the 14-day free trial to make your assessments without risk.


Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels may seem comparable, but the two platforms offer distinct differences that serve different types of users. ClickFunnels works for online marketers and companies needing landing pages and other online marketing tools integrated to make their sales funnels run smoothly. By using Clickfunnels, marketers would be able to develop their sales pages, oversee sales transactions, run tests, and even conduct email campaigns. Clickfunnels offers a full-function shopping cart, add that to checkout menu options that allow you to generate promotional codes and offer sales discounts in a bid to improve your rate of conversions. The interface will enable you to do all these and more from a single page, which is to say, you don’t have to change tabs to finish multiple tasks.

Infusionsoft, by the way, can help a more significant business develop landing pages, and at the same time, use a menu of tools available to start marketing campaigns. Infusionsoft was designed to be inclusive for online marketing and sales. However, it lacks feasibility when it comes to startups and small companies. Furthermore, it costs about $699 monthly, which is on the high side for a business that has a low marketing budget.

While ClickFunnels would not exactly replace Infusionsoft’s use for medium-sized businesses and enterprises, ClickFunnels is less expensive, has high functionality, and offers excess tools that are very simple to use. Small business CEOs will discover when picking between them that Clickfunnels would not only be a better replacement for Infusionsoft; it might as well offer a more useful experience in marketing automation.

ClickFunnels, as of now, is not integrated with Shopify. However, you can incorporate ClickFunnels with Zapier that has a direct link with the platform of Shopify- as an online store owner; you can completely automate your sales funnel. With ClickFunnels and Zapier integration, you will be able to: -Connect ClickFunnels with Shopify, -Utilize new contacts on ClickFunnels in making Trello cards, -Utilize current ClickFunnels contacts in making Podio contacts, -Develop Gmail automated responses sent to existing contacts and buying customers -Sign up new click funnel contacts for webinar series -Bring in click funnel orders inside Google sheets -Automate the development of invoices for current click funnel contacts, and -Have an up-to-date MailChimp subscribers list based on click funnel activity.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and he is also the CEO of Brunson’s Etison,LLC. Brunson is well respected in marketing. He is one of the very few geniuses in marketing who make use of marketing analytics to develop, sales campaign with high conversion rates. He hosts Funnel Hacks event annually, where he discusses hacks and tools that small business owners, marketers, and startups need to stay ahead of their industries by optimizing their sales funnels. With followership of over a million small and large business owners and books sold in hundreds of thousands, he has an edge in the marketing industry. He has made a name for himself as a leading expert in the marketing industry.

ClickFunnels provides a supervised process where customers can get to know your company and their products through marketing training materials that make interested leads from ordinary potential buyers who have chosen to receive added information from you. In simple terms, you will need multiple components, that is after the advertisement. With advertisement and marketing on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, ClickFunnels can create a landing page.

Most pages usually called squeeze pages, which have a unique action call as well as a form where people that visit the page fill their details and email address. After your visitor has entered his details via the form provided, most markers prefer to be redirected to another page where, for instance, you can have time-limited promotional offers like a 14-day free trial of your product. While this is not compulsory, it is available on ClickFunnels. Making use of this tool, which is optional, will let users market additional products or services or present offers that will increase the chances of a purchase. Whether your visitor decides to go for the special promotional offer or they don’t, they would be directed to another page for order confirmation. The page thanks them for submission and gives the visitor further information about your company and its products.

After that, on the menu of tools, you will find on ClickFunnels, you will find one suitable for training your new leads. One could send newsletters periodically, develop marketing campaigns, and announce special promotional offers to engage the leads that you have using marketing automation. The moment you implement the tools, your sales funnel would begin to run smoothly without you needing to manage each of your leads manually.

Cloning a funnel involves making an extra copy of a page with the aim. In case you need the page, later on, you won’t need to build the page from the beginning again. Cloning is beneficial when you are creating single or multiple landing page templates. It enables you to finish general layouts alongside all required components and to maintain consistency through campaigns without having to waste time creating your pages one after the other. Cloning is easy, involving only three very easy steps.

To start, you open the funnel you wish to use as your template. After that, you will select Settings from the menu. After that, choose the option “Clone Funnel” that will create a duplicate of the page automatically after clicking it. After cloning, your page will be included in a list on the main menu. The new page will be named after the original one, with “Copy of”, preceding it.

Realtors can improve lead generation, grow buying and selling while automating some useless tasks needed to discuss terms with clients to get deals closed all with clickfunnels. Twilio integration with clickfunnels helps Realtors develop autoresponders with quick responses – which is necessary to engage demanding clients effectively. To be a successful real estate agent, consistent engagement with your pipeline is very important.

This explains why with Clickfunnels, agents can develop email drip campaigns that are automated in a bid to communicate with their prospective clientele as often as possible. Also, you can get a stable source of leads to ensure your contacts are filed using landing pages on Clickfunnels. You can use of your landing pages to give free reports and guides that help resolve common issues in buying and selling in your own market, leading to new potential source of leads for engagement that might develop in the future into listings or sales. The ClickFunnels platform makes all these tasks very easy to do.

Affiliate marketers usually build an email list using landing pages. However, ClickFunnels can do more than just creating landing pages. ClickFunnels can assist affiliate marketers in making money in different ways. For instance, when a customer buys something from an online store, say Amazon, for example, through affiliate marketers, such people become customers of the online store, not the affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers can collect the customer’s contact and purchase information, using landing pages to provide analytics, develop membership plans in order to generate income, and for follow-up campaigns on email to encourage subsequent sales.

Tools also available to marketers allow for expansion of cart sizes to accommodate promotional sales if need be. You can also give varied options for order fulfillment so that buyers can choose how they receive their products. Paypal can be a payment option, which is a big deal because Amazon competes with Paypal, so Paypal payments are not allowed on Amazon. However, this is very important for affiliate marketers to accept Paypal payments as it raises revenue by 27%. Affiliate marketers can add promotion deadlines to create scarcity, a part of their marketing strategies. They can as well sell webinar funnels alongside normal products or lead conversion from products with high-end customers that pay well.

Even with more tools at your disposal to improve sales, ClickFunnels gives insight and action in creating diverse marketing campaigns and automation of sales processes without any damaging effects on quality.

Just like other professions, the sales funnels can be of benefit to Chiropractors by getting leads from every source possible. In health improvement, informative messages are very effective in attracting new leads from every source possible. Landing pages help you market your messages to the customers you need with ease. Once your source to new leads has piled up, ClickFunnels has a plethora of tools that enable you to grow each lead so you can add messages with information continuously to help convert your leads to engaged customers.

As a chiropractor, you can use marketing tools to offer discounts and other special promotions that may attract new customers. Better still, you can start referral schemes for customer to customer marketing. This is very effective for chiropractors trying to stimulate brand awareness in their environment. As you get new customers, ClickFunnels will see that you’re communicating with them as you send customized messages that aim at making them feel as though you’re communicating directly with them.

By using this powerful marketing tool provided by clickfunnels to add a personalized touch to your emails, people will easily see the big difference between you and other average chiropractors.

Lawyers, unlike most professions, have a challenge, which is, most people won’t require a lawyer, except they get in trouble. This implies that when there’s a need for a lawyer, most clients rush to find one as fast as possible. They resort to the internet to find a lawyer, they fill a few forms and then wait for a response. In a lot of cases, the lawyer who returns the fastest response is the one who gets hired for the job.

Legal practitioners must-have messages ready for people looking for attorneys of their caliber. They also must respond to these inquiries speedily. Keep in mind, a person might look for other options after they come to a decision that the first call does not offer enough to meet their needs, you should be the next option available, ready to accept their business.

The platform helps lawyers to create different landing pages online in diverse places so their materials for marketing can be seen with ease.

Landing pages will make the reader understand what you are competent to get a win in their case and also collect their contact information so you can be in touch. Following up, ClickFunnels allows you to create autoresponders so that you can respond right after the customer fills contact form. Consequently, you can nurture your leads and qualify them using your sales funnels. You can custom your landing pages and use them intake forms.

By doing so, ClickFunnels, in a way, can help you remove weak perspectives from the strong ones or quickly sort out cases that are simply time wasters. This removal process during client intake implies that you will speak with only prospects who have shown an appreciable amount of interest in your services. When you talk to them, you are assured they have their minds set to retain you as their lawyer. Consequently, your sales funnel will help you keep in touch with every client so that none slips through your hands when they are accidentally ignored.

The platform ensures you are keeping up with all your leads consistently, keeping track of your communications, and monitoring how the leads move from the source throughout the rest of your sales funnel. By making good use of the analytics you have on the Clickfunnels, one can find out the areas in your sales funnel where people leave the system or areas where they get stuck. This will give you clues as to what the problem turning people away is, and thereby make changes that make your campaign more proficient. Your sales funnel will now be fine-tuned after a while, so your conversion rates are maximum, and the influx of clientele is steady.